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When temperatures start to drop, you deserve the peace of mind of knowing your heating system is ready to keep you and your family comfortable. If your equipment is having trouble keeping you warm – or if it has stopped working altogether – you should not wait to request professional assistance. 

Turn to Anderson’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing for reliable Missoula heating repairs. Our trained HVAC technicians bring over 45 years of experience to the table and are equipped to quickly diagnose and resolve whatever issue your heating system is experiencing. From simple fixes to total equipment replacements, we have you covered. 

We are available 24/7 for emergency heating repairs, so call (406) 296-5833 or contact us online now!

Does My Montana Heating System Need Repairs?

If your heating system fails to turn on or can’t warm your home to your desired temperature, you already know you need to get your equipment looked at. If you know what warning signs to look for, however, you may be able to catch and address problems with your heating equipment before it escalates into a total system failure. Recognizing these signs early can save you from the discomfort of a non-functional heater during the colder months and potentially reduce the cost of repairs.

Do not wait to reach out to our Missoula heating repair technicians if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Unusual noises. Healthy heating systems operate relatively quietly. If you begin to hear unusual noises such as banging, clanking, or whining, it could indicate that parts within the system have become loose or damaged and need professional attention.
  • Inconsistent heating. If some rooms in your home are much warmer or colder than others, your heating system is not distributing air properly. This uneven heating could be caused by problems in the ductwork, issues with the furnace's blower, or even the need for a filter change.
  • Surge in energy bills. A sudden and unexplained increase in your energy bills during the heating season can be a red flag. While it's natural for heating costs to rise during colder months, an abnormally high bill suggests that your heating system is operating inefficiently, potentially due to underlying mechanical issues.
  • Persistent odors. While it's common to notice a slight smell when you turn on the heater for the first time each season, persistent or unusual odors emanating from your heating system are not normal. A musty smell may indicate mold in the ductwork, while a burning odor could be a sign of an overheating motor or another serious problem.
  • Frequent cycling. If your heating system is turning on and off more frequently than normal, it may be malfunctioning. Possible causes include a clogged filter, improper airflow, or even a faulty thermostat.

Common Causes of Heating Equipment Problems 

Given the complexity of modern heating systems, pinpointing the exact cause of a malfunction can be challenging without professional diagnosis. When completing repairs, our team at Anderson’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing will determine the underlying cause of the problem so that we can not only deliver the most effective solution but also help you avoid future issues.

Many heating equipment malfunctions and failures are the result of:

  • Lack of maintenance. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your heating system running efficiently. Failure to clean and inspect the system annually can lead to unexpected failures, as minor issues become major problems over time. This neglect can result in inefficient operation and, ultimately, system failure.
  • Wear and tear. Like any mechanical system, components of a heating system will eventually wear out. The wear and tear on crucial parts such as the blower motor or belts can cause the system to operate inefficiently or stop working altogether. Regular inspections can identify parts that are wearing out and need replacement.
  • Dirty or clogged filters. One of the simplest yet most overlooked causes of heating problems is a dirty or clogged air filter. Filters inevitably collect dust, pet dander, and other debris, restricting airflow and reducing the system's efficiency. In extreme cases, it can cause the system to overheat and shut down.
  • Thermostat issues. The thermostat acts as the control center for your heating system. If it is malfunctioning or incorrectly calibrated, it can lead to problems with heating efficiency. A faulty thermostat might cause the heating system to cycle too frequently or fail to maintain the desired temperature in the home.
  • Ignition or pilot control problems. For systems that rely on a flame to generate heat, issues with ignition or pilot control can leave you in the cold. These problems can result from a faulty ignition system, a clogged pilot orifice due to dirt accumulation, or issues with the gas supply.
  • Leaking ductwork. Ductwork that is leaking or poorly connected can significantly decrease heating efficiency. Heated air can escape before it reaches its intended destination, leading to uneven heating throughout the home. This scenario forces the heating system to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, leading to increased wear and tear.

Does My Heating System Need to Be Replaced?

Deciding when to replace your heating system rather than repair it can be a complex decision, but there are several signs that it might be time to consider an upgrade. Age is one of the most critical factors. Most heating systems have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, depending on the model, frequency of maintenance, and usage patterns. If your system is approaching or has surpassed this age range, it has likely become less efficient and more prone to breakdowns. Additionally, older systems may not heat your home as evenly or effectively as they once did, leading to uncomfortable cold spots and increased energy usage.

If you find yourself calling our technicians more often than you used to, especially for significant issues or the same problem repeatedly, these repair costs can quickly add up, making a new system a more cost-effective option in the long run. Also, consider your system's efficiency. Advances in technology have led to newer heating systems that are significantly more efficient, potentially saving you money on your energy bills each month. If your system is old and has a low efficiency rating, upgrading to a newer, more efficient model could provide substantial savings over time.

Safety is also a paramount concern. Older heating systems can develop safety issues, such as problems with the heat exchanger that could lead to carbon monoxide leaks. If one of our professionals identifies safety concerns with your system, replacing it becomes not just a matter of comfort or cost but also a necessity for the health and safety of your household.

Finally, think about the comfort and reliability of your system. If you're still dealing with inconsistent heating, noise, or other discomforts that repairs haven't fixed, a new system can provide peace of mind and significantly improve your quality of life.

Our Missoula heating repair experts can evaluate the health of your current setup and advise whether it makes more sense to invest in a new system versus paying for increasingly frequent fixes. We are familiar with a wide range of energy-efficient systems from top manufacturers and can walk you through your options. 

We are prepared to install many types of heating systems, including:

  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Ductless heating systems
  • Geothermal heating systems

When you need Missoula heating repair, we are always just a call away. Dial (406) 296-5833 or contact us online to request service today!

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